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Health practitioners earn really high wages. For the rest of us, we usually have to manage with the minimum wage and struggle to pay bills. The statistics show that the rate of unemployed people is increasing in an alarming way. Nowadays even people who graduated from recognized Universities spend more than six months looking for a job, regardless of their specialty. Furthermore, working as a waiter is usually not enough to cover your basic expenses such as rent and food. Now, add the fact that if you are fired from a job like this you won’t have any employee insurance that gives you a salary while you find another job.

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Insurance companies were created to help people cope with difficult times, your house insurance protects you in case a tornado destroys your house to pieces, in addition, your life insurance helps you cope with accidents and others. Health insurance, on the other hand, seems like a luxury more than a need in some countries. Even the most undeveloped country would offer the basic health services to the poor population. In any case, when you pay for a decent health service the access to GP and medical exams are limitless.

As it so happens I got very interested in the subject and I did some research of how health insurance works in other countries and South America got my attention. According to the information available on the internet, if you are over-aged you have a job you will need to pay for you own health insurance. Let me explain, when you are in school and still at college either your mum or dad will list you under their health insurance, but once you start working by law you are not able to be included in that list anymore. Due to the fact that wages are extremely low in South America people usually, don’t have health insurance.During my research, I met a guy from South America and he told me about the time when he got sick but didn’t have health insurance and so the only way to get better by self-prescribing was using

During my research, I met a guy from South America and he told me about the time when he got sick but didn’t have health insurance and so the only way to get better by self-prescribing was using a fake doctor’s note to stay home and rest. This situation made me realize that sometimes you use illegal means in order to handle a situation that is not entirely your fault. I decided to review some doctors excuse site and try to look for some templates that I can use for myself. Visit us to learn to make a fake doctor’s note.

The Poetry Of A Planned Funeral Speech

When you are planning what you will say when you sit down to write a eulogy, you need to remember that there is great poetry in planning the speech in your head before you give it. There are many people who do not come to the podium with notes. They are ready to speak when they get up to the podium, and they have thought of what they will say.

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When people get to the podium, they are going to say something nice about the person who is being eulogized. Also, they are going to relate a story that everyone will appreciate hearing. They give these nice speeches in a way that allows for a bit of dignity in the finals days of someone who lived a good life. Also, these people do not speak for long. They speak for just long enough to make the eulogy worth hearing.

When people are planning these speeches in their heads, they need to make sure that they are only saying a few things. It is best to give their relationship to the deceased, how they knew them and what that person meant to them. It is often good to offer a bit of humor into the eulogy, and a funeral speech will go over better if that person is speaking with a bit of levity.

When planning one of these speeches, it is best to remember that you do not have to go up there with notes. You can plan the speech in your head so that you can say something lovely. Now you can write a funeral speech with confidence. Sometimes a funeral speech can be stressful and you need to take some time off of work. In that case, we recommend downloading doctors note.

Words of Peace for the Bereaved

I have been a Catholic for almost forty years. I have served the church as a sacristan for many of those years and as such have attended hundreds of funerals. Of all the tasks a child of God is asked to perform, offering a funeral speech can be the most daunting. The funeral is a mixture of sadness, joy, and very real sense of loss, however, a heartfelt eulogy can in fact bring closure to those in attendance. I offer you now, from my experience as a sacristan, a few guide lines to help you write and deliver your funeral speech.

When is it appropriate to begin?
Depending upon the priest and the setting the vast majority of eulogies are given after the homily and before the presentation of the Eucharist. Normally a priest will finish his homily and then introduce the one who is to offer the eulogy. It is appropriate at that time to go to the ambo in the sanctuary and begin your speech. There are other priests who may not want to have the eulogy during the celebration of the Mass, therefore after the final blessing you will be asked to offer the eulogy. In order to avoid confusion make sure you speak to the priest or sacristan and have them explain the protocol to use.

Content of the Funeral Speech
There are three major points that should you should try to address when preparing your speech. The following is a brief description.

Many of those in attendance have more than likely not seen each other in many years. It is therefore appropriate that you introduce yourself briefly and what your relationship is with the deceased. In addition if there is a wife or husband present mention them as well and offer your deepest condolences. This should take approximately one minute, two at the most.

Body of the funeral speech
This section of your speech is where a brief overview of the deceased life should be given. Choose four or five real life experiences of the deceased that you can relate to those in attendance. Depending upon the mood of the funeral you may have one that is humorous, one that describes the deceased love for his or her family, something from a recent experience would also be appropriate. Make sure to avoid anything off color or a bad experience the deceased may have had such as a divorce. This section should be no more than five minutes.

A Poetic Closing
It is now time to bring to a close your eulogy and offer final words. There have already been two readings from the Old and New Testament, and a reading from the Gospel, in addition to a Psalm. Although a quote from scripture would be appropriate here, something from one of the Catholic saints would be much better. Saint Pope John Paul II is more than appropriate as he has been recently made a saint and will be recognized by most Catholics. Take a quote and expound upon its merits and how it now relates to the deceased. This should be brief, two or three minutes.

As a Catholic we all share the understanding that there is a God, Jesus Christ is His Son and we look forward to being with them in Heaven. Your funeral speech should not only be loving, kind, peaceful and poetic, but should relate that we will all be together soon with our Lord. This fact alone will bring closure for all in attendance.